Project Methodology

Project Methodology at Cloudzzure

As the requirements and processes of every business are unique and constantly evolving, project methodologies must adapt to the changes quickly in order to be in the race. Salesforce has ease of configuration and customization along with its elastic capabilities contributing as its selling point, so, leveraging it gives businesses a competitive advantage in this techno-space. Therefore, making the methodologies “agile” is one of the ways to achieve the goal. 

The project methodology that we at Cloudzzure implement is an agile scrum model. With this methodology, we can effortlessly structure the projects in repeatable sprints or in other words, from designing, developing, testing, and lastly to evaluating.

But the question is, how do we at Cloudzzure adopt agile scrum model? Well, let’s dive in to know how we implement it!

Agile is the newer of the two, and allows for more communication between customers, developers, managers, and testers.– Agile Development Methodology

A Sneak Peek into Our Process

Product Backlog and Planning:
Sprint Backlog Creation
Daily Scrum Meeting
Testing and Demonstration
Product Release

Why Cloudzzure Uses Scrum?

Cloudzzure uses scrum as it provides us with such a flexible framework that helps to find out what is suitable for our products and make necessary changes when anything does not work. There are so many reasons for us using the methodology:


Satisfied Customers

As scrum methodology supports the development of high-value features along with quicker delivery in short cycles, customers find us to be more responsive. Thus, our credibility increases with satisfied customers which ultimately harbors trust.


Happy Development Teams

The scrum methodology provides more time to our development teams at Cloudzzure, to accomplish their work while reducing certain non-productive works such as writing specifications. As a result, they can enjoy their work with no pressure to bring value to our customers.


Easier Work Alignment

Scrum helps us align the development work easily by providing regular opportunities in order to cater to the needs of the customers. In this way, the scrum methodology helps our product managers to ensure quality of work.


Better Awareness About the Project Status

Through daily scrum meetings and task-level tracking, our project managers always remain well-aware of the project status. Consequently, they can monitor the project better while quickly addressing the issues coming into the path.