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Cloudzzure truly acknowledges that it’s our partners who actually turn the magic on. And they are the ones transforming Cloudzzure into a customer rich platform delivering solutions that meet the unique demands of each business. You can rely on us for a plethora of options enriched with a partner network in order to leverage all the ingredients you need to scale up your business.
Being the backbone of our company, our highly skilled software engineers constantly support our project execution. We never hesitate to go extra miles to comprehend the exact needs of our partners by knowing about their enterprise, background, existing procedures, and every nut and bolt of their business.
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We Speak Salesforce

We at Cloudzzure understand the semantics and terminology of Salesforce technology. The extensive knowledge of our technocrats with all the ins and outs along with nuances of Salesforce, we make it work for your business. We understand:

    • The difference between a lead, prospect, and opportunity in Salesforce;
  • Hierarchy of contact, account, activity, campaigns along with its importance for your business
  • The impact if you go for CRM projects on your internal approaches, be it agile or traditional waterfall.

By utilizing our knowledgebase, ideas, and libraries, we can explain the differences and importance of each one of these aspects that can be translated for your business.

Process Perfectionist

Apart from providing technical assistance, we as a Salesforce partner work to the nucleus of your business. Experienced professionals lead and manage our team by taking the best practices to approach every project and tie your technology to the goals of your business.

Cloudzzurehelps you streamline your business, technology, and process to get the most of all your investments. We understand the meaning of a “lead” in Salesforce for multiple organizations. And that’s the beauty and irresistible power current technology that differentiates the meaning for each lead.

Therefore, accurately relate the features of Salesforce to your business according to the needs and suitability.


As a business owner, your focus must be on running the business, and not on executing or coordinating internal implementation. As a salesforce partner, we at Cloudzzure will do all those hard work to serve you a perfectly build CRM within time.

However, there are many organizations out there going the hard way by focusing on all those processes with the hard cost. In order to achieve a substantial improvement with salesforce, it needs dedicated support. It won’t help if you spare your resources and internal time on these processes.

Therefore, by working with a Salesforce partner like Cloudzzure, we help you capitalize on technology investment.

Strategic Consultation

The much sort-after benefit that we offer you as your Salesforce partner is that you get strategic Salesforce consultation along with Salesforce implementation.

With our guide to best capitalize your opportunities, you can achieve greater heightsfor your business. Because we help you frame your goals tailored to your business needs and relate CRM with it. Thus, you can develop a future roadmap to see a greater return on your investment in the days to come.

Business Sustenance

You, of course, wish to see your business immensely grow in the upcoming years, and for that, you need prolonged sustenance in the market. This is where the concept of a Salesforce partner comes into the picture. We at Cloudzzure assistyour business in the long run, be it timeline, performance, or budget, we are always there to help you stand out in the crowd with our top-class services.

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