Cloudzzure, a premiere IT and salesforce service provider, serves an array of different industries. Let’s check them out!

Financial Services

Cloudzzure extends salesforce finance services beyond mere development and digital marketing. Our efficient salesforce services are Salesforce End to End Implementation, Salesforce Lightning, Cross-Platform Integration, Integration & Transformation, Salesforce Customization, and so on, through these services, we provide integrated sales and marketing solutions to break down silos while helping them in creating a personalized and cohesive customer experience through different communication channels.

From salesforce finance CRM solutions to wealth management advisors, we cover it all to be the best platform revolutionizing the financial institutions and helping them to overcome the silos bedeviling financial firms for decades.

Health Care & Life Sciences

Cloudzzure is well-versed with the needs and challenges of healthcare and pharmaceutical firms. As a result, we provide you with a complete salesforce CRM solution along with salesforce consultation services by delving into rigorous safety surveys, and market research. With our help, you can actually get to know who is that person behind your patient with a whole new and panoramic outlook of all your patients. Subsequently, we help you kick-start acquisition, innovation, enrollment and services so that you only address the concern of your patients who needs your help.

Our optimized salesforce services for life sciences to help pharmaceutical and medical device companies where they can collaborate across the entire ecosystem, turn prized data into attainable insights, and acquire new products to introduce into the market while revolutionizing patient care.

Retail & E-Commerce

Want to deliver a connected retail and ecommerce experience that shoppers love? Cloudzzure’s salesforce services for Retail & E-Commerce is your best option. We help you in personalizing your every interaction by collecting and integrating data to give a 360-degree view of your potential buyer informing their marketing decisions. We help you turn your visitors into buyers faster with powerful and diverse channels to unify e-commerce and enhance conversion rates. With our salesforce and other services, reinvent your ecommerce store by giving it a digital makeover through analytics, customer intelligence, connected data, and iot tracking.


Cloudzzure offers salesforce along with other services in the manufacturing industry to let them leap beyond their products with personalized services at scale. With powerful and extravagant CPQ functionality, your sales team can easily determine the correct solutions and simplify process complexities of your customers influencing more leads. You can avail yourself of services that can deliver intelligent service anywhere, anytime with wider real-time customer engagement. We help you build intuitive applications that enable your customers, distributors and dealers to conduct business seamlessly while helping even the internal teams across different manufacturing departments to streamline and optimize processes.


With our salesforce services for automotive industries, we provide them with an opportunity to embrace digitization and improve their supply chains, data analytics along with their manufacturing capabilities by accelerating productivity and driving more customer engagement. Salesforce services help you listen to your customers while engaging them through mobile devices, connected cars, and so on. We help you approach legacy investments in order to create connected and rich experiences so that you can sell and service better while maintaining a strong relationship.

Non Profit

Want to build and cultivate a life-long customer relationship? Look no further, because salesforce is your ultimate destination and we at Cloudzzure are the advocate for the same. Through our services, you can get a detailed overview of every interaction involved with your supporters, clients, members, volunteers, funders and affiliates. We also help you nurture a life-long relationship along with securing all the support you need for your humble cause and we also customize your communications with the right message at the right time.

Transportation & Hospitality

Cloudzzure helps you transform your user experience with a whole new perspective of travel with our salesforce services because we are well-aware of the heightened expectations of present-day travelers. Therefore, we offer a seamless experience that is tailored to every travel-buddy during, bore and after the trip. We help you to inspire more bookings, personalized support while building loyalty.

Salesforce services for hospitality by Cloudzzure help your guests’ journey even more special and frictionless. We achieve them by harnessing data in order to personalize their travel options, create connected guest service, and infuse AI or artificial intelligence for real=time experiences.

Real Estate

Cloudzzure helps real estate industry with salesforce CRM solutions along with lead management solutions for better interaction with their customers. They can analyze the market through analytics, and identify the demands of targeted customers so that they can cater to their needs by striking at the correct time and space. Residential, commercial real estate, residential real estate and real estate development can avail benefits of salesforce through faster response times, intuitive automation, centralized database, and so on.

Communication & Media

Cloudzzure helps you in gaining a competitive edge over others by launching a smooth Omni-channel experience with salesforce solutions to communication and media industry. As a result, you can increase your conversion rates, enhance productivity and harbor loyal customers by establishing person-to-person communication to deliver the exact expectation of your customers. So, your agents, retailers and reps can get clear, easy and fast access to the required information. Salesforce can entirely transform your customer care by helping you know your every customer.

Our salesforce services can help your marketing managers, agents and reps to build a strong rapport with your consumers by constantly engaging them. With us, you can deliver relevant contents that are engaging and socially connected to keep them engaged. Besides, you can also build strong connections with tools and mobile apps to browse contents, manage subscriptions, update profile, and so on. Consequently, it helps you track progress, and boost productivity.